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Surrey County Council = SCC
Traffic Regulation Order = TRO
Definitive Map Modification Order = DMMO

Pigeonhouse Bridge (Woking FP82 / Ockham FP5)
The bridge was damaged in floods 8 winters ago and subsequently removed. There has been a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in force with a long official alternative route across the river via Walsham Weir. The TRO has been extended again and is now due to expire 31 August 2022. The unofficial alternative route to Pigeon House Bridge is over the private bridge owned by The Wisley Golf Club.

Nearby bridge of the same name over the Wey Navigation on Woking FP82 is not affected.

Byfleet Manor House (Byfleet FP94)
Last December, SCC made a Diversion Order for the section of path beside the wall surrounding the manor house. Ramblers and Open Spaces Society have separately objected on very similar grounds that we want to retain the path on its historic route beside the wall. Likely to be a public inquiry in due course. Note: TRO with 265 metre alternative route in force at present time.

The Pyrford Loop (Woking FP422)
In November 2019, SCC made a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) to add this path to the Definitive Map of rights of way. It runs from “Pyrford Common, 37 metres north of Pyrford Common Road, in a generally north-easterly direction for 535 metres to Upshot Lane by the Arbor Centre.” This path is the missing link in the Pyrford Neighbourhood Forum’s proposed Pyrford Loop route; it is currently blocked, and the Forum had been campaigning for this DMMO for some time.

It is known that the landowners objected to the Order. The latest news from SCC was that they were waiting to hear from them on a couple of points prior to submitting the Order to the Planning Inspectorate for a decision. The path is of course not yet shown on the OS map.

Fishers Farm to Cartbridge (Woking FP45B / Send FP52)
The bridge across the River Wey at Grid Ref TQ015559 is temporarily closed because of its poor condition. The TRO has been extended until 25 December 2022. The alternative route is via Gresham Mill on FP44, FP45A and Send FP52A. Also see article in South East Walker (June 2022). 

Triggs Lock to Send Church (Woking FP42 / Send FP61)
This route crosses the River Wey by a footbridge. Part of the Send path has been eroded away by the river, and has been closed by TRO now due to expire 17 September 2022. The lengthy official alternative route is north on the Wey Navigation towpath, then Send FP55 to Potters Lane, south on Potters Lane, then Send FP60 to Send Church.

Deep Pool Farm to Carthouse Lane (Woking FP5) 
The Diversion Order was confirmed by SCC and became operational at the end of May. Instead of the junction with FP4 being at the farm, it is now some metres further south along FP4 (at grid ref SU984605). FP5 then runs on the south side of the pool, and then on SE side of a fence before rejoining the original route at a new kissing gate (grid ref SU982604). Please be aware that it will be some before the OS map is revised to show this.

Alleged path: St Johns Lye to St John's Church
This is very likely to be a claim for a DMMO to add this route to the Definitive Map of rights of way as a footpath. Our Footpath Secretary has had a site meeting with one of the SCC rights of way staff last October during which time several people were observed walking the path. We need to prove unchallenged use over a period of 20 years minimum (not all individual users must have used the path for the full 20 years; for example, User A could have used it from 2012 to 2020, User B from 2008 to 2019 and User C from 1999 to 2014).

SCC has supplied our Footpath Secretary with public right of way user evidence forms and maps. Will anyone who has used this path at any time please contact him to obtain a form to complete. We still need more completed forms please. 

Woking FP136 at Sutton Green 
This path runs from Blanchards Hill past the Catholic church in Sutton Park to the recreation ground in Sutton Green. There is a potential problem in that it is a legal cul-de-sac at the Sutton Green end, though there have been two well used continuation routes over very many years. The first, Foxes Path, veering left to Sutton Green Road, remains unobstructed. Please let us know if you have used Foxes Path at any time.

The other path, goes straight ahead with the recreation ground on the left and later through two field gates to reach Woking FP42. The first gate has a sign attached “Please Shut the Gate”, implying acceptance of public use of the route, but the second gate is now padlocked and has a new sign “No Public Right of Way” though it is obvious that people have been squeezing past. This could become another claim for a DMMO.

Bridleway 8 (Chobham Road, Knaphill - north of junction with Barrs Lane - to junction with Bridleway 394)
TRO in force preventing use by equestrians because of badger sett activity, but it does NOT affect pedestrians. We can continue to walk along this path.

Ramblers’ Don’t Lose Your Ways Campaign
This is about claiming additions to the definitive map of rights of way, based on historical (as opposed to user) evidence, e.g. from old maps, 1911 Finance Act records made by landowners (they could get tax relief if they admitted to rights of way across their land), or tithe awards. The Ramblers published a map of 49,000 miles of Lost Ways throughout England & Wales. Very few routes within Woking Borough have been identified as realistic candidates.

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