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Pigeonhouse Bridge (Woking FP83 / Ockham FP5) 

This route was closed in the winter of 2013-14 when the bridge was damaged by floods. The bridge has since been removed completely. The Environment Agency do not want the bridge rebuilt in the same location and neither is there any funding available at the present time to replace it. The official alternative route is via Walsham Lock (see below). 

Wisley Golf Club has agreed to the short-term use of its private bridge 50 metres downstream from Pigeonhouse Bridge, while the short length of path over the river is closed due to works at Walsham Weir to install a fish pass are in progress, although it is not clear how long this ‘short term’ period may be. The golf club has previously ruled out permanently using its bridge.

Walsham Lock (Woking FP123 / Ripley FP34)

The Traffic Regulation Order is in force until 13 October 2018, but only applies if work is actually in progress. One odd thing is that the official public notice shows a 2-mile long diversion via Ripley Green then Ockham FP5 (see above) and the private bridge on the Wisley Golf Course.

For details of a SCC suggested alternative route email SCC intend to keep actual physical closure to a minimum with display signs prohibiting access.

Triggs Lock to Send Church (Woking FP42 / Send FP61)

The Traffic Regulation Order on Send FP61 has been renewed until March 2019. The official diversion route is northwards on the towpath and FP55  to Potters Lane, south on Potters Lane, FP60 to Send Church. Length is not stated, but estimated as 1.25 miles. (No part of Woking FP42 is directly affected by the TRO, but it is the logical continuation of Send FP61 on the Woking side of the River Wey).

Sunway Road Byfleet to Wisley Village (Byfleet FP129 / Wisley FP3 (part) / Wisley FP566) 

The public inquiry into the Definitive Map Modification Order to upgrade this route to bridleway status began on 22nd May but was adjourned after one day due to the late submission of evidence. SCC has told our Footpath Secretary that the new evidence particularly related to the M25, height restrictions in the subway underneath it, and interpretation of no entry signs at either end.

If any member has any information about any of these matters, please let us know at

A new date for the enquiry has yet to be fixed. The Ramblers has not been objecting, but could wish to appear at the enquiry if anything new of relevance to walkers comes to light.

Front of RHS Gardens (Wisley FP7)

This path passes in front of the RHS gardens, between the gardens and the car park. Two short lengths (160 metres and 100 metres) of the path have been closed by Traffic Regulation Order on grounds of public safety due to construction work, but in each case a minor diversion is in place. No cause for concern.

Rambles on the Basingstoke Canal – A323 and Aldershot Road, Church Crookham 

The MOD has erecting fencing so that it is no longer possible to access the area where the A323 and Aldershot Road, Church Crookham (east of the Foresters PH) are crossed. 
Accordingly, Rambles on the Basingstoke Canal walk booklet now has a revision to Walk 7 Claycart Hill, Fleet Pond and Pondtail as the option to return from point-8 on the map, over Miles Hill is no longer feasible. A revised route is to walk from point-8, direct to Norris Bridges and pick up the towpath again. For full details email

Path Maintenance task?

The SCC volunteer co-ordinator, has proposed a site meeting with our Footpath Secretary to look at a possible task on a path at Broad Street Common, to the west of Guildford. Stay tuned for further information.

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