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The Pyrford Loop – have you walked here?
The Pyrford Neighbourhood Forum has devised a route known as The Pyrford Loop, but there is a 'missing ink.' The forum members wish to have a footpath from Pyrford Common Road to Coldharbour Road (opposite Pyrford Village Hall) added to the Surrey definitive map. The path is currently blocked off. Click here for further details including a map [opens new page].

If any Woking Ramblers member has ever used this path at any time over any period please send an email to with a copy to Brian via

Chestnut Grove, Westfield (Woking FP49)
SCC has consulted us about a proposed minor diversion of this path to enable Thames Water to "facilitate the construction of a surface water pumping station." The affected lengths of the path and diversion are only approx 12 metres and 13 metres respectively. We have indicated no objection.

Pigeonhouse Bridge (Woking FP82 / Ockham FP5)
Walkers have been allowed to use the white Golf Club bridge across the Wey near Ockham Mill while Walsham Weir has been under repair. The situation now is that the Weir is open and the permission to use this bridge has therefore in theory lapsed. The notices permitting this diversion and use of the Golf Club bridge have been removed.

However, the path to the Golf Club bridge has been renewed but there are clear signs (only on the bridge) that the Golf Club Bridge is private property. There are no signs on the path. It is therefore questionable whether the intention is that the Golf Club bridge constitutes a permissive path.

Whatever the legal situation the Golf Club bridge is physically in place without barriers as is the path leading from the public footpath on both sides were recently usable.

The nearby bridge (also named Pigeonhouse Bridge) over the Wey Navigation on Woking FP82 is not affected.

Triggs Lock to Send Church (Woking FP42 / Send FP61)
A short length of Send FP61 beside the River Wey has eroded away and fallen into the river. That part of the path is therefore closed by Traffic Regulation Order which has been continued in force until 10 March 2020 or completion of the works, so in effect there is no direct through route on these paths at the present time.

The lengthy official alternative route is north on the Wey Navigation towpath, then Send FP55 to Potters Lane, south on Potters Lane, then Send FP60 to Send Church.

Byfleet Manor House (Byfleet FP94)
About 190 metres of this path is affected by “drainage works to the wall and piers” at the Manor House and has been closed by Traffic Regulation Order. This closure Order will be in operation until 11 June 2019. A short diversion is in force.

West Byfleet Station (Woking FP124)
The Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) to correct an anomaly on the definitive map was confirmed on 10 Jan 2019. The actual route of the path is unaffected.

Sanway Road Byfleet to Wisley Village (Byfleet FP129 / Wisley FP3 (part) / Wisley FP566) 
The result of the public inquiry into the proposal to upgrade the route to a bridleway is still awaited. The Ramblers were not among the objectors.

Byfleet to Wisley (Byfleet FP129 / Wisley FP3 (part) / FP566)
Upgrades to bridleway status have been confirmed by Order to the Definitive Map for these footpaths linking Byfleet to Wisley. For more detailed information send an email to

(cases dealt with by Footpath Secretaries of other groups)

Broadmead Bridge (over Broadmead Cut immediately north of Send) – Guildford Borough
There are new closure notices on paths leading to this bridge on both sides. Planks have been removed from the steps and deck of the bridge for repair. Barriers should be in place to prevent access but have been removed/vandalised.

Beware - Unless you are prepared to (illegally) swing across the river from the parapets like Tarzan it is hazardous and not usable.

Langshot Stud (Chobham FP55) – Surrey Heath Borough
This has long been a problem path. On 24 Oct 2018, SCC made a Diversion Order to divert part of this path just to the west of Langshot Stud around different sides of a paddock. The proposed diverted route is actually 9 metres shorter than the existing route! Deadline for any objections was 03 Dec 2018. Outcome unknown at the present.

Front of RHS Gardens (Wisley FP7) – Guildford Borough
This path passes between the front of the gardens and the car park. Construction work is taking place causing two short lengths of the path to be closed by Traffic Regulation Order, now renewed to expire on 30 Jun 2019. Alternative routes are in place, and the changes are very minor.

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