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The Pyrford Loop (Woking FP422)
SCC has issued a DMMO to add this path, running from “Pyrford Common, 37 metres north of Pyrford Common Road in a generally north-easterly direction for 535 metres to Upshot Lane by the Arbor Centre” to the Definitive Map of rights-of-way. This is good news. The path is the missing link in the Pyrford Neighbourhood Forum’s proposed Pyrford Loop route; it is currently blocked off, and the Forum has been campaigning for this DMMO for some time. Further details including a map are here.

Please let the Forum know at, with a copy to Brian via, if you have ever used this path over any period of time – any evidence of use will be valuable if the landowners object and the matter is referred to a Public Inquiry. 

Pigeonhouse Bridge (Woking FP82 / Ockham FP5)
The Pigeon House footbridge over the River Wey is still missing, having been damaged in floods during the winter of 2013-14 and subsequently removed. A “temporary” Traffic Regulation Order was made in February 2014 and has since been renewed several times. The current TRO is due to expire on 12 August 2020. 

There is a long official alternative route upstream via Walsham Weir and Ripley Green. SCC has been trying, unsuccessfully, to negotiate an official diversion of the path over a private bridge over the river a few yards downstream, owned by the Wisley Golf Club. In practice, the golf club has not recently been objecting to members of the public using the club’s bridge, but there is no formal agreement for this.

SCC has also been exploring ways to try to get a new bridge (which will have to meet Environment Agency requirements), and would be very expensive The old bridge had a span of 25 metres; SCC states that a new bridge is likely to need a span of 30 metres.

Nearby bridge of the same name over the Wey Navigation on Woking FP82 is not affected.

Triggs Lock to Send Church (Woking FP42 / Send FP61)
This path is outside Woking Borough, but is the continuation of Woking FP42. Together the paths form the link between Triggs Lock and Send Church. Immediately east of the bridge across the River Wey, a 50-metre length of path on Send FP61 has been undermined by the river and a “temporary” Traffic Regulation Order is in place prohibiting use of the path was made in September 2017 and has been renewed several times since. The current TRO is due to expire on 10 March 2020.

The lengthy official alternative route is north on the Wey Navigation towpath, then Send FP55 to Potters Lane, south on Potters Lane, then Send FP60 to Send Church.

Byfleet Manor House (Byfleet FP94)
About 190 metres of path has been affected by drainage works along the wall of Byfleet Manor. This part of the path has been “temporarily” closed by Traffic Regulation Order, but the official alternative route is only 265 metres and clearly signposted. The TRO was renewed during the summer and is now due to expire on 11 June 2020.

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