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Ramblers South West Sussex Group Editor: Tim Goman, contact


Group Secretary

We are pleased to report Brian Baker was elected at the AGM to take over the role of Secretary from Carol Golding. Carol has done a fantastic job over the past four and then some years for which we are truly grateful. We offer Brian sincere thanks and best wishes as he takes over this crucial role within the Group.


London Blind Ramblers

The London Blind Ramblers Group will be travelling down to stay in Littlehampton once again in 2020 for a walking weekend locally, on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May. However, we shall be meeting them on just the Saturday as the Guest House has a prior booking for the Monday.They will be walking on the Sunday with Arun and Adur group as usual. 


Chichester Walking Weekend

Following the Group’s involvement with Visit Chichester in providing five walks for their programme for the Chichester Walking Weekend, your committee has taken the decision to support the 2020 event, to be held on the weekend of Friday 4th September to Sunday 6th September. We shall be seeking to change a few details to our participation in an endeavor to better promote the benefits of membership of the Ramblers.


Social Events - 2020

In the absence of any volunteers coming forward to take over the role, Sally G has agreed to stay on until someone feels brave enough to put  their head above the parapet!

Annual Lunch

The Group’s annual lunch will be held at the Walnut Tree, Runcton on Thursday 2nd April. We feel sure everyone will agree they did us proud at the event this year, held back in January. We have every expectation they will do so again. Further details to follow, including Menu choices.

Cream tea event

East Dean Village Hall has been booked once again for this ever popular event in our calendar. The date this year is Saturday 25th July which steers us clear of any significant events in the Goodwood activities. The format will run the same as previous years with walk(s) prior to the cream tea for which a nominal charge will be made at the door. Further details to follow.

Quiz Evening

Your committee has in mind running a quiz evening at the Masonic Hall in Chichester. Our new Secretary, Brian, tells us he is a fiendish quiz master, there will be a supper provided and, of course, the licenced bar will be open. A nominal charge will be made on the door. Drinks at member’s expense. We have provisionally booked the hall for Friday 25th September and we would like to see proceedings getting under way by 6:30pm. Further details to follow. The event promises to be an entertaining evening for which it would be good to see significant support.

Annual General Meeting

Booked for Saturday 7th November at our usual venue, the Masonic Hall in Chichester. This semi-social event will see a sumptuous supper put on to follow the formal part of the evening’s proceedings. The licenced bar will, of course, be available. Nominal charge for the supper payable on the door. Further details to follow.

Your committee has decided not to have a Skittles Evening in 2020 following  less than enthusiastic support for the event this year at The Barley Mow, Walderton. However, should you have any ideas for further social events do, please, get in touch with Brian, our Secretary (Contact  07726 793432 or 01243 926637, email ) providing details.


Walk Leaders needed

Sincere thanks goes out to those members who put themselves forward to lead walks for the Winter Programme, December to March. There are just five dates available requiring a walk to bring us up to capacity.

Shortly we shall have to think in terms of preparation for the Spring/Early Summer Programme. If we are to continue aiming to provide three walks a week, new leaders from our membership have to step up to the plate. So, do please give consideration to becoming a Walk Leader.

The Ramblers Organisation centrally do provide formal walk leader training. However, the course locations are somewhat far flung. As such, your committee is thinking of sending a nominated delegate or two to one of these events, most probably one in the London area, in turn then to disseminate relevant content locally to existing leaders and those interested in becoming so.

In the meanwhile if you fancy trying your hand leading a walk, start with one familiar to you of any length in an area which you know well. As well as literary support from Ramblers via the web-site, Committee members are willing to assist you with planning the walk, recceing the route and backing you up on the day. Tim G, the Walks Programme Co-ordinator is happy to discuss (Contact 07753 172002 or 01243 262284, email )


Dogs on Walks

Our Group recognises the fact that some of Ramblers members like to bring their dogs on walks and by and large well behaved canines are welcomed, but at the discretion of the walk leader (see the specific walk details for information in this regard). As far as possible we are always wishing to ensure our Walks Programme is open to all  and, as such, any registered assistance dog is permitted on an organised Ramblers Walk. However, the member should talk to the walk leader in advance to check that it is safe for an assistance dog and owner to come along on that particular walk. Ramblers Organisation centrally have prepared comprehensive guidelines for leaders and dog owners This is available via the web site, . Then enter “Dogs on Walks” in the search box, then click on the entry “Dogs on Walks” and open the guidance note.


Emergency contact details

The Committee would urge all members who join the Group’s walks to carry Emergency contact details in an accessible place so that, if something should happen on a walk, the leader or emergency services would know about any medical conditions and who to contact. The Ramblers’ recommended "In Case of Emergency card", is available via the Ramblers Website.


Car Pool Providers needed

As a Group we encourage car sharing. Also not all our members are able to drive to our Walks and would welcome a lift. Wherever possible we try to incorporate public transport access but in many instances, because of the location of the start point and the declining  availability of local public transport, this is not possible. We have one or two members who are happy to provide a lift to nearby members on the day, but we do need more. The Ramblers are an inclusive organisation and we have a friendly, social membership here in South West Sussex. So please give some thought to provide lifts to other members living close by. Please contact Sally, our Programme Secretary on 01243 430072, if you would like to put your name forward.  


Get me to the Walk  (and on Time)

Walk Leaders are always delighted to see a good turnout for the walk they have planned, submitted and reccee'd. There is no better affirmation to their endeavours than seeing walkers spilling out of buses or cars turning up at the appointed place with time for a chat and to prepare before setting out on the chosen path, on time. Walk Leaders will like to leave on time, it assists with planning and organising comfort breaks, coffee and lunch breaks and just getting to where the group needs to be at the time it needs to be there.

One of the main reasons for a hold up is you know walkers are coming but come the appointed hour they are not there, good to go. The reason(s) they did not allow enough time to get there &/or they do not know specifically their destination,

On all the walks in the printed programme and on the web site there is information and Grid Reference setting out the start point. In addition, on the web site there is a map displayed showing the start point which is taken from the Grid Reference. A Grid Reference will give you the correct starting point to within 100 metres.

Also printed in your programme and on the web site is the NEAREST Post Code to the starting point. NEAREST is the key word here. In a rush, no time to check other sources, stick the Post Code in your Sat Nav and it will duly take you to the NEAREST point to the start as dictated by the Post Code.

Remember a Post Code will identify the nearest building or facility to the Grid Reference, which may be spot on or maybe 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile from where you want to be. A Post Code is fine for finding the start of an Urban Walk. Not so useful when the start point is at the end of a lane in the middle of a forest.

So, give yourself a bit of time to research where you are going. If in doubt give the Walk Leader a call, but hopefully more than ten minutes before the walk is due to start and you are pretty sure you are some way off getting there. Always though, have the Walk Leaders mobile number keyed in to your Contacts as a fall back position.


Reporting path problems to WSCC

From time to time, I am sure all of us have encountered problems on our walks in West Sussex. For example, paths obstructed by vegetation or other blockages, fencing across the paths, paths not marked through a cropped field, unsafe stiles, missing or broken signposts, locked gates.

If you find an issue with a path please let West Sussex County Council’s rights of way team know about it. Please do not leave it to someone else to report. Experience to date is their response is prompt and they do take action.

An online report form can be found via the link below

Too, if possible, add a photo to the report.