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Ramblers South West Sussex Group Editor: Tim Goman, contact 


Walks Programme

Our Walks Programme is now firmly reestablished and is published on this website through to the end of March. Booking will be optional dependent on the Walk Leader's wishes. 

Looming ever larger on the horizon is our next programme of group walks covering the period April the to the end of July. Spring and early Summer, a lovely time of the year and very popular with our group. How appropriate then that this should coincide with a major reboot of the Organisation across Great Britain with a focus very much on the coordination and presentation of group walking.

Coping with the uncertainties of the pandemic over the past two years has identified the need to be far more agile in our planning of activities. As we move on from this, groups and the organisation nationally as a whole must adopt this for its health and vitality. To facilitate this, we must embrace a more exclusive use of information technology.

The Ramblers website and those of the Groups will become the essential point of reference for up to the minute information about activities and initiatives. The use of email and social media too will have to have an increasing role. Paper printed walks programmes and printed newsletters sent via Royal Mail will become less effective, because of the nature of environment in which we must now operate. Changes to the Group Walks and Events management system will make it difficult, but not impossible, to provide paper-based information. In saying this your committee is mindful of the fact this will not sit comfortably with some of our group members. Do be assured we shall do our level best to accommodate your wishes as best we can. Over the next couple of months, we shall be discussing how best this can be achieved.


Car Sharing

With the relaxation of COVID regulations, members are allowed now to offer lifts to others to attend Group Walks. We have not visited the question of volunteers in this respect for some years. If you would like to offer your services, which would entail having your name (in customary abbreviated format) and contact details included on the website and our periodic newsletters then please contact Tim G, email :  or telephone 07753 172002. Thank you.


Keeping in touch

The companionship of walking with others cannot be underestimated in terms of mental health and wellbeing. Whilst we are now fully up and running once again in terms of organised group walks, what has proved particularly useful in recent lockdown times is our active WhatsApp Group for members to share their walking experiences, photos, comments, observations and ....... well, anything that comes to mind. If you are not a member of the group and would like to join, please text with your name to Tim G, your secretary, on 07753 172002. 

In addition, particularly because of the present need for us to communicate via alternative means, we would ask you provide permission to send direct to your email account. Because of Data Protection regulations we are unable to do this automatically, we must have your specific consent. Please email the Secretary direct at  thank you.


Jo Denton Memorial

Long standing member, Jo Denton, passed away some two years or so ago. Her estate bequeathed a gift of £500 to our Ramblers Group and over the past two years we have been trying to put in place a fitting memorial to Jo, to reflect her love of the countryside in this lovely part of Sussex. With the difficulties presented to everyone because of the COVID pandemic it has not been easy to get agreement to a suitable location. A few months ago, the National Trust Slindon Estate agreed to make a rustic bench suitably inscribed which was placed adjacent to the traditional crook open barn in Slindon Woods just before Christmas last year. We shall be putting on a Memorial Walk taking in the area at some time during the Spring Summer Group Walking Programme.

We hope members will agree it is a fitting tribute to Jo and her generosity.



Message from Julia Wiegand – Group Member and Fund Raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Back in 2017 some of the South West Sussex individuals and NOT under the aegis of Ramblers...did a fundraising sponsored walk...the Lipchis Way. We raised about £1500.

I am fundraising again! This time a swim, dunk or dip followed by cake! There will be a donation tin or get in touch with me know if any brave soul would like a sponsored dip form! I also have a sponsorship page, Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Julia Wiegand

The event will be on February 19th at 10.30 at Aldwick /Bognor beach front. I am part of a cold-water swimming group which is taking part. There will be lots of us swimming as usual, so group members won't be alone and will be well looked after! It will be a great event with hopefully fair weather.

Update from Julia:

Because of very of bad weather the event was postponed until Saturday 26th February, when on a beautiful sunny, cold, windyish, happy day of fundraising a total of £576.85 was donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Thanks to all you lovely people for your generosity and your support.

You may contact Julia at Julia Wiegand email



Message from Andrew Berriman - Group Member and Author

In 2020, I wrote a local history of Lavant, 'In Search of Lavant' (168 pages, £10) which sold 400 copies; I still have 100 left, which I am willing to sell as remainders at £6 per copy to any SWS Ramblers who may be interested in acquiring a copy.

I have now published a more substantial book, 'In Search of Fifty South Downs Villages' (268 pages). All the villages are within 20 miles of Chichester, all north of the A27, all within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park. It is mainly about each village's local history, with a map of each plus plentiful colour pics. It is priced at £13.95.

The first print run of the book has sold out, but a second run has been arranged and is now available from Kim's Bookshop in South St. Chichester or direct from me.  If members contact me directly, I am willing to offer the book at a pre-publication price of £13, with free delivery within three miles of Chichester, or by collection direct from Andrew.     


Car Parking - Whiteways, Arundel and the Forestry Commission at Eartham Woods

Unfortunately, we see car parking charges have been introduced at the Whiteways Car Park on the A29. A very popular starting point used many times in our Walks Programmes and thus particularly unwelcome. 

Up to 1hour, 70p. Up to 3 hours, £1.80. Up to 5 hours, £2.80.

We have no walks starting from there in our current programme.

On a more positive note, a recent visit to Eartham we are pleased to see the Forestry Commission Car Park there is once again open. There is still evidence of operations around the area from which it is clear the use of the car park will become exclusive with other access points to the Woods being shut off for parking. We shall keep abreast of developments.