When do you go walking?

We have a walk on pretty much every Saturday and Sunday. In the summer we enjoy many short evening walks during the week. We even run night time full moon walks in the winter!

Where do you walk?

Anywhere within a reasonable drive of the West Midlands. We explore further afield on our weekends away. We normally walk in the countryside, but sometimes enjoy exploring urban areas too.

How hard are the walks?

We rely on our members putting on the kinds of walks they like. In practice, with our large membership, this means a huge variety in each program. From 3-4 miles with a tea shop up to 26 mile challenge walks, with most grades in between. There should be something to suit everybody!

Walks are graded to approximate effort involved. Over 90% of our members can comfortably complete walks up to and including intermediate grading, and only the 'technical' grade is suitable only for mountain specialists.

Do I have to book to go on a walk?

No. Just turn up at the start, find the leader, say hello, and off you go. Walks organised by us are free. We occasionally advertise events for other charities where a small admin fee or advance booking is required. This will be made clear in the walk description.

Do I have to be a member to go on a walk?

We are happy for you to join us on two walks. Then we would ask you to join.

How do I decide which walk to go on first?

All walks are listed on our web site. Members also receive a quarterly program. If you are an experienced walker, find a walk to match your standard. If you are new to walking, select an easy sounding one first. Rachel D or Chris T will help advise and can put you in touch with the leader of your chosen walk so you can ask any direct questions to them. Speaking to the leader in advance of your first walk makes turning up at the start a lot less scary! They will look out for you and make sure you are made welcome.

What should I wear?

Wear good boots, clothes you do not mind getting a bit muddy or sweaty in, and bring waterproofs! Avoid denim, as it is horrid if it gets wet. Bring along some warm clothing, including a hat and gloves, especially in winter.

What should I bring?

On full day walks, bring a packed lunch with you. Always bring plenty of water to drink. Bring your own first aid kit and any medication you normally require. (Bring your sense of humour too!)

Can I bring My Dog?

Normally, yes, but check with the walk leader first. Some routes, for example, around reservoirs or bird sanctuaries may not be suitable.

Can I bring Children?

Yes. But check with the walk leader first. The group is designed for adults in their 20s/30s though. Some pub stops may not be suitable, or the pace may be difficult for small children.

How do I get to the start?

For car drivers it is easy, just drive! Some of our walk start points are accessible by public transport and we encourage members to use it where possible. We also encourage members to car share as much as possible. Contact us and we will try to help you out or ask on our Facebook group.

What is a grid reference?

Ordnance Survey grid references are usually provided for walk location start points. These can be used to locate the start point on an OS map or use internet access Streetmap to locate, entering for example SO345123 as the search term. The full eight character grid reference is used. Walks listed on the web site have direct links to maps in their descriptions.

Ordnance Survey has a guide to the grid.

Who are WMWG members?

Club membership is now well over 200 people, an even split of young men/women walkers across towns in the West Midlands and over the borders into neighbouring counties, and across the 20-49 age range, with a few members between 18&20 or just over 50 (who joined whilst younger). We pride ourselves on being a friendly group, and we cater for casual and serious walkers alike. All events are organised as a result of members volunteering, so our programme reflects what our members enjoy doing!

How else can I find out about WMWG?

We have a regular email bulletin - sign up by sending us a message. We have a facebook group which can be accessed by members only or follow us on Twitter.