Hidden Gems

Thank you for sharing your hidden gem with us. Before you get started, please make sure that:

  1. The walk featuring the hidden gem is already uploaded to the Group Walks and Event Manager (GWEM) and you have a link to the walk listing webpage
  2. You are uploading only one photo that is your own and/or you have permission use (jpeg only, maximum size 20MB) - please contact us to send further images
  3. You’ve taken a look at our tips sheet about how to describe your gem 

Please provide the details of your hidden gem below. Remember that you’re telling someone who does not know about this place why it’s so special. After you’ve finished they should be dying to visit it with you!

If you have any problems or questions, please email us: volunteersupport@ramblers.zendesk.com

Try and give your gem an appealing name – one that sparks interest. This will be the main headline and title that appears for an interested walker.
When describing your gem, try to write in a welcoming and inspiring way. It’s a good idea to write a little about the walk, and the build up to the gem and then about the actual hidden gem itself. Describe what your hidden gem is, what makes it unique, why it is worth visiting and maybe what emotions it evokes. Share your excitement at sharing the hidden gem with others.
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* URL link to the walk listing on the Groups Walks and Events Manager which has the gem
When taking a photo, please make sure the gem features and that the photo is taken in landscape. A good tip is to take photos multiple times, and to try taking photos from different angles based on the light – a seemingly dull photo can be made appealing by changing your perspective and taking the photo from a different viewpoint. Send us as many photos as you like, and we’ll choose the right one. Generally speaking, we’d advise against using the zoom on a smartphone, as this means the photo becomes grainy. A better method is to get in close to the subject without zooming. Try to get the subject of your photo (whether it be the entrance to a cave, a tucked away post-box, or stunning view) central in your image. If you’re taking photos in dark environments, try taking a photo with the flash on, followed by one with the flash off. Send us both and we’ll pick one of the two for you. Some cameras and smartphones also have a HDR option. This is known as ‘high dynamic range’, and takes two photos and combines them. It’s good to have this option switched on when taking photos in bright environments with a range of shadows and colours. For us to be able to use your photo and promote your hidden gem, please ensure no individuals appear for data protection purposes. If you’re lucky enough to own a phone that can store the GPS location of where a photo was taken, please ensure this is on. You can find this in your settings for your camera app.
Jpeg files only, maximum file size 20MB