What we do

Footpath maintenance and waymarking  

Paths don't look after themselves. They need people to keep them accessible and easily followed.  We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team going out regularly to maintain footpaths in our area.

This important work - which may involve clearing overgrowth, replacing waymarkers or simply reporting broken stiles and damaged bridges - is done in collaboration with our county council, who value the contribution made by Hexham Ramblers. 

Isaac's Tea Trail   

This is a 36-mile walk in the North Pennines, passing through some of the most remote countryside in England - a landscape steeped in history and rich in industrial heritage. Hexham Ramblers has long been involved with the trail and is responsible for maintaining a 12-mile section centred on Allendale, where the trail begins. https://isaacs-tea-trail.co.uk/    

More volunteers always needed!  

Would you like to join us and get involved?  Perhaps you're interested in leading group walks or joining our footpath maintenance team.  If so, we'd love to hear from you!