What we do

We campaign for the maintenance of footpaths, investment in new waking routes and for policies that enable more people to walk more often. We have a full and varied walks programme and organise visits and get togethers – read all about it in our regular Newsletter

We have also pioneered the development of two walking trails in our two cities: 

Manchester Green Trail 

The Manchester Green Trail is a walking circuit made of 14 routes around the City of Manchester and it links many of the City’s parks, woodlands and open spaces. 

We want to:  

  • increase usage of the parks, woodlands and open spaces which will make them livelier and as a consequence safer, sustainable and more inviting places for people to visit; 

  • encourage healthier lifestyles and reduce car usage by promoting walking routes that are accessible to everyone 

Salford Trail

The Salford Trail is a long-distance route of about 50 miles/80 kilometres and entirely within the boundaries of the City of Salford.  

The route is varied, going through rural areas and green spaces, with a little road walking in between. Starting from the cityscape of Salford Quays, the Trail passes beside rivers and canals, through country parks, fields, woods and moss lands. It uses footpaths, tracks and disused railway lines known as the loop lines. 

The Trail has been divided into ten sections, each accessible by public transport. 

Our Local Web Site

Check out our local web site for news of our campaigns and activities - here is the link.