What we do

What can you expect when you come on one of our walks?

We try to provide enough detail in the walk so you can work out if it is one you can manage and want to do.

We provide suggested tickets for public transport though you will need to make an adjustment depending on where you are travelling from. You don’t have to join us at the starting station – you can join us part way if the train or tram passes where you live, or you can join us at the walk start if that is more convenient for you.

The walk leader may be at the starting station or join on the way or at the walk start because as above, it may be more convenient for them to do that. If we can, we have somebody at the start station with a little sign but that isn’t always possible so if you don’t see anybody obvious, join the train/tram/bus and we will see you at the start.

Our walk leaders will have done a recce to make sure the walk is walkable and there are no obstructions and to make a note of any “hazards” e.g. road crossings, slippery cobbles, livestock in fields. The walks aren’t hazardous but it is all part of the assessment of it beforehand.

Before we set off the walk leader will do a short introduction so have a listen to them as they will mention anything that you need to know. We have a back-marker to make sure that nobody gets lost. We do a count of walkers so that we can make sure we have everybody with us during the walk.

We will stop for a short lunch break at a convenient point during the walk so bring some sandwiches or whatever you like to have for lunch. There won’t be time to get a camping stove out but maybe bring a sit mat or plastic bag to sit on in case there is a hill or wall to get comfortable on and look at the lovely views.

With short stops to admire the view or wait for the back marker to come into sight and with the lunch stop, our walking speed averages out at 2 mph. So an 8 mile walk will take about 4 hours from start to finish, if there are ascents it will take a bit longer, but you won’t be walking for all of those 4 hours as it includes those short stops and lunch. This is a better way of working out if you can manage a walk than thinking of the mileage and working out what time it will finish if you have to be somewhere later on.

When the walk has finished, we usually pop into a pub for a coffee or a beer and it is a good time to get to know the other walkers (if you don’t already). On occasion people have stayed to have their tea in the pub – it’s totally up to you.

We always make a note of the times of the return train/bus times so maybe take a screen shot of the information for easy reference.