What we do

Footpath Committee 

Interested members of the Metro Group meet four times a year to help preserve and protect our footpath network. The Footpath Committee decides on all cases referred to it by Rotherham Council and Ramblers Central Office, involving the diversion or extinguishment of public rights of way.  

The Committee considers and responds to these cases and also advises more generally on the condition and improvement of paths in the borough. Anyone wishing to attend Footpath Committee meetings should contact the Footpath Secretary – Chris Parrott, Tel: 01909 567485.   


Footpath Wardens 

Across each district of Rotherham, we have members who volunteer to be footpath wardens. They walk the paths in their area to identify any problems and also assist the footpath committee by checking if reported footpath issues have been resolved. New footpath wardens are always welcome; maps and information are available from Chris Parrott, Tel: 01909 567485. 


Practical footpath maintenance work 

Rotherham Metro, in partnership with RMBC and Rotherham Rambling Club, has developed a group of volunteers to undertake practical footpath maintenance work. The group carries out a range of work – installing/repairing gates and stiles, clearing overgrown paths, replacing way-markers and finger posts, litter picking, and any other task needed.  

Staff from RMBC provide assistance and equipment and the group is covered by Ramblers Insurance. The group meets monthly on a Thursday. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Philip Ryder – Tel: 01709 546746.