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What happens on a Walk

What happens on a walk?

The walks usually start at 10:30 but you need to be there shortly before to get your boots on etc.

The walks start promptly so don’t be late or the walk will have already left.

You will need stout footwear preferably boots and these will need to be waterproof. Trousers and other clothing are best in quick-drying material, cotton takes too long to dry if it gets wet. A roll-up waterproof jacket and maybe over trousers should be carried in your rucksack

You will need a rucksack to carry your food, drinks and waterproofs and something to sit on. Some ramblers bring a small tripod stool or you can just bring something waterproof.

We usually stop for a break after about an hour and have a snack. You should also bring a flask for a hot or cold drink or water. It’s important to have enough to drink especially in hot weather.

We stop for lunch, the time varies but the walk leader will have chosen a suitable place, so you will need something to eat and drink.

The walks usually finish between 2:30 to 3:30 but can be later on the longer walks.