What we do

Trafford Footpath Team 

In 2014 the Ramblers Trafford Group Path Maintenance Team led by June Mabon won the Ramblers President’s Volunteer Award for Protecting where we walk!  

Along with volunteers who monitor local paths, the group work with the council and have to be certified by them to work safely, particularly when using equipment such as strimmers or even on steps. This allows them to undertake routine path clearance but bigger jobs such as tree clearance is notified to the council and the response monitored. 


We have started publishing irregularly, Ramblings, our newsletter with articles written by members of our group. Any article of interest, which range from local historical areas to walk, leading my first walk, identifying common birds. This is available to download from our website.  


Join one of our walks to experience the benefits of gentle exercise and good company. Some walks may end up at a pub or a café. All new members are welcomed and are encouraged to stretch their boundaries with the support of more experienced walkers. Eventually after gaining confidence many new members can be supported in learning to be a walk leader if they wish. 

And / or join our group of volunteers who help keep the footpaths in Trafford usable.    


We have two WhatsApp groups, an active social one with walk pictures and comments that keeps us all in touch. And a walks information one for the infrequent late changes or additional information such as a walk at short notice.