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Medal Routes to Health

Ramblers Scotland is now working with NHS health boards in Scotland to encourage NHS staff, patients and visitors to become more active in their daily lives and creating opportunities for everyone to walk their way to health and wellbeing.

Are you a winner?

The project is working with and now funded by NHS Grampian and NHS Lothian. As part of this new partnership, we created a fantastic competition to get people in Grampian and Lothian walking with Medal Routes. Hundreds of people entered but four people have won a fantastic mini break each to a log cabin of their choice in Scotland. Three of the four winners have claimed their prize. Congratulations to; Dawn (NHS Grampian), Alison (NHS Lothian), Maria from Lothian and Ian from Grampian. We hope you have a fantastic holiday and thank you for walking with Medal Routes.

Click here for details on how to enter the newest competition to win a holiday to the Western Isles!

Why choose Medal Routes?

Over the last 3 years, Medal Routes has encouraged thousands of people across Scotland to walk more often. With over 700 free, short walks available on our website, free mobile App and leaflets in each location, the project has grown to become a leading health initiative.

The project is really making a difference, 1 in every 2 people that use Medal Routes say that they are now walking more often as a direct result of the project. This tells us that if you give Medal Routes a try, you are almost certain to continue enjoying walking with us.

It is pretty simple, Medal Routes offers three walks within each community lasting from 15 minutes to one hour long. Find a route, and walk it using the Medal Routes mobile app or using a Medal Routes map. All of our routes have been selected to offer you a pleasant break from your day, linking with local greenspace or showing you landmark sights within your local area.

Improve your Personal Health

It is important to set yourself a goal to increase your physical activity levels.

Medal Routes is here to help. The Medal Routes App allows you to create tailored, personal goals to help encourage you to walk more often.

Download the App via your App store or click here.

There are many health benefits from being active. Even small increases in activity can protect against chronic diseases and improve quality of life. However there are also health risks associated with inactivity, which is why inactivity is the joint second biggest cause of death along with smoking.

Taking 30 minutes a day for a walk will help you feel better – mentally and physically. Even 15 minutes will have a benefit, when you can’t find the time to do more. Walking helps you feel more energetic and more able to deal with the business of life. Walking also helps us to get fitter and at the same time encourages us to get outdoors – and it’s right on your doorstep!

Making it Easier for NHS Staff

Medal Routes is a free resource that can be promoted to patients and the local community. NHS staff can refer anyone, at any time to join Medal Routes by simply completing our short referral form.

Medal Routes are three short, timed and circular walks that start and finish in the same location in local communities across each health board area.

The Medal Routes app:

  • Tracks your location during each walk for complete peace of mind
  • Gives feedback on calories burned, distance travelled and equates this into easy to understand fun facts
  • Let’s you create and share your own short walks with the Medal Routes community
  • Encourages you to set personal goals and milestones and monitors your success
  • Shares useful links, events and activities in the information hub

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