Glen Tanar

The extent of this large pinewood covering over 1000ha remains much as it did on the 17th century Blaeu Atlas of Scotland. The structure of the wood has been much altered with centuries of felling, fire and grazing. Now much of this protected site is undergoing conservation management including a strict reserve zone in a small area owned by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The forest has a well-developed network of paths and cycle routes leading from the visitor centre at the Bridge of Tanar. Some of these lead up into neighbouring Mount Keen offering spectacular long treks. Each of three main glens in the forest offers a variety of routes alongside dramatic wood riversides. Aboyne and Ballater offer the nearest stopping places for food and accommodation.

Content by Clifton Bain adapted from The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland: A Traveller's Guide, Clifton Bain, Sandstone Press, RRP £24.99.

The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland: A Traveller's Guide