Loch Arkaig and Glen Mallie

The vast mountains rising up from the huge Loch Arkaig makes for a dramatic backdrop to the pinewoods set into the north facing slopes.

The Clan Cameron museum at Achnacarry is a good starting point to discover the rich history of the Jacobite uprisings in this area. There is a good access road which leads up the side of Loch Arkaig giving great views of the pinewoods. The adjoining Glen Mallie is more for the hill walker and starts with a rather alarming upgraded forest road which soon leads onto a more typical hill trail. The pinewood bears the signs of a major fire over 70 years ago with bleached dead stems covering the hillside.

Content by Clifton Bain adapted from The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland: A Traveller's Guide, Clifton Bain, Sandstone Press, RRP £24.99.

The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland: A Traveller's Guide