The pinewood lies in the tranquil Glen Achall near the purpose built 18th century fishing town of Ullapool.  Once the gathering ground for driven cattle heading to the markets in the east the glen holds many delights from broad flood plans to steep crags and majestic waterfalls.  Birch and pinewoods lie to the east of Loch Achall.

A remote mountainous area in the west of Scotland which is home to Golden eagle, otter and pine marten. The mouth of this quiet and gentle glen with its wide floodplains soon gives way to the dramatic grandeur of steep mountain slopes. A good track follows Rhidorroch River to the main pinewoods around East Rhidorroch Lodge. Ancient birchwoods grow alongside the pine to form a lovely woodland backdrop.  Pine trees also cling to the steep scree slopes of Creagan Ghiuthas which is Gaelic for Crag of the pines.  A narrow suspended cable bridge crosses the river and a rough steep path continues through some mature pines up to the Easna Baintighearna (waterfall of the lady). The nearby town of Ullapool has several places for refreshment and accommodation.

Content by Clifton Bain adapted from The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland: A Traveller's Guide, Clifton Bain, Sandstone Press, RRP £24.99.

The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland: A Traveller's Guide