Borders Abbeys Way

Links with: St Cuthbert's Way, Cross Borders Drove Road, Southern Upland Way

The magnificent ruined abbeys of Melrose, Dryburgh, Kelso and Jedburgh are the draw of this route which links historic border towns and villages and takes walkers across varied terrain from roads to tracks and farm fields, riverside paths (notably along the Teviot and Tweed rivers) to forest rides and old railway lines to old drove roads.

The walk is mapped in five stages – Jedburgh to Hawick, Hawick to Selkirk, Selkirk to Melrose (the shortest stretch at 10 miles), Melrose to Kelso via Dryburgh (the longest at 18 miles) and Kelso to Jedburgh – but can be undertaken in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, starting and finishing at any of the border towns.

This is not a strenuous trail but there are climbs to be made at a number of locations including Black Law, the edge of Rubers Law, Drinkstone Hill and between Selkirk Hill and Cauldsield Loch. They are short climbs though and on a clear day provide views in all directions.

Sean Williams

This request is not directly linked with above article but I hope that is OK.
Is there anyone who can give our small community some support and advice regarding new residents who have built a large house next to our ancient footpath and applied to Scottish Borders Council to have it closed . They have monitored it’s use with CCTV cameras and been somewhat hostile to several walkers. We have until May 27th to challenge the request. I shall write to the Council and say that I have walked path for past twelve years. I recently saw a three hundred year old map showing said path and I strenuously object to it being removed. Will this be enough to prevent these individuals getting their way ?

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