Mull of Galloway Trail

Links with: Ayrshire Coastal Path, Southern Upland Way

The most south-reaching (and one of the most recently designated) of Scotland’s Great Trails fittingly starts at Scotland’s most southerly point – the Mull of Galloway where walkers are treated to views of Ireland, England and the Isle of Man.

A largely coastal route, the trail hugs the eastern coastline of the lower arm of the Rhins of Galloway peninsula before heading inland at Luce Bay towards Stranraer, where the route joins the shoreline once more via the Loch Ryan Coast Path towards the finish at Glenapp.

The route is generally split into two parts – a near-marathon length section from the Mull to Stranraer and a shorter 11 mile stretch to Glenapp – but walkers may prefer to complete the route in three parts and stop in Ardwell.

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