St Cuthbert’s Way

Links with: Borders Abbeys Way, Southern Upland Way

This route links two places significant in the life of St Cuthbert, a 7th century saint who began his ministry in Melrose in the Scottish Borders town and was buried on Lindisfarne (Holy Island) in England off the Northumberland coast.

St Cuthbert’s Way can be walked in either direction but most choose to follow in the chronological footsteps of the saint and start from Melrose, walking roughly east across the border into England to end up at the tidal island which can be reached on foot via a causeway.

The route follows parts of the River Tweed, crosses the Eildon Hills, takes in sections of the Dere Street Roman road and provides constant views of the Cheviot Hills which straddle the English-Scottish border.

Perhaps most striking of all however are the sights greeting walkers at the end of this pilgrim’s route – the National Trust-owned Lindisfarne Castle perched on its volcanic mound, the ruined Lindisfarne Priory, traces of seafaring life and uninterrupted views out to the North Sea.

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