Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Pedometer Challenge

Reading a map

Ramblers Cymru have teamed up with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) to create the Wales Coast Path Pedometer Challenge – and provide you with an opportunity to fulfill the physical section of your award.

Get walking more often, anywhere and everywhere, using a pedometer or walking app to track your steps. Then record your progress against the distance of the Wales Coast Path. Pick one section or aim for the whole 870 miles!

You can complete your challenge as an individual or as part of a group.

Download the Pedometer Challenge Information Sheet below to get started. Then choose one of the sheets that follow to record your daily steps. If you have any questions email cerddwyr@ramblers.org.uk.

Though we designed the challenge with DofE award in mind, the resources are free for anyone to use.

Swansea and the Gower  (683.2 KB)

Choose Swansea and the Gower 142,000 steps, one of eight sections of the Wales coast path. Improve on the amount of steps you take each week and aim to complete your chosen section.

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