Discover Britain’s hidden gems

Discover Britain’s hidden gems

Join us for our Walk About festival from 26 May until 3 June. During the festival we’ve got hundreds of free group led walks taking place, many of which visit hidden gems.

From the unexpected views that open up in front of you to ancient ruins steeped in history, there’s almost always a gem to be found on foot.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite group walks featuring gems along the way. All of our walks are free to attend during the festival, so why not join us and discover hidden gems near you.

London: discover hidden gems

Although much of London is very busy, some of our gems take you away from the hustle and bustle and plunge you into little slices of rural paradise. Check out our hidden gems in London.

Midlands: discover hidden gems

The Midlands is full of places to enjoy a walk, enjoy the bountiful nature and truly incredible views with some of our top walks. Check out our hidden gems in the Midlands.

North: discover hidden gems

From a glacial drainage channel to the only surviving rock-cut Roman shrine still in situ in the whole of Western Europe, explore our gems in the North.

Scotland: discover hidden gems

Scotland is full of hidden gems, discover some of our favourites – mountains hiding in plain sight to an island on a loch. Check out our hidden gems in Scotland.

South East: discover hidden gems

From Norman stone carvings to rhododendron woods in their full flowering glory and picturesque hammer ponds. Check out our hidden gems in the South East.

South West: discover hidden gems

Check out our top spots for finding hidden gems in the South West. Explore an ancient oak wood, walk a historic tramway and cross a river using a natural bridge.

Wales: discover hidden gems

From beautiful hidden bays to a glimpse into an area’s mining history, find out what gems Wales has to offer. Check out our hidden gems in Wales.

Yorkshire: discover hidden gems

Little waterfalls, secret stones not marked on the map and a beautiful, densely wooded valley are just some of the gems you can discover in Yorkshire. Check out our hidden gems in Yorkshire.

Log your walks and win badges

Stay active this winter by tracking your walks. You can use our walks tracker and challenge your friends - and yourself - by earning up to 32 badges when you log your walks.