About General Council

General Council AGM 2023

Details about the 2023 AGM (including date and venue) will be announced later in the summer - and shared with Areas and through our usual channels.

General Council AGM 2022

The 2022 General Council AGM took place on Saturday 9 April at the Birmingham NEC.

2022 AGM motions summary:

  • Motion 1: passed amended
  • Motion 2: passed
  • Motion 3: passed
  • Motion 4: passed amended
  • Motions 5-8: remitted to the board of trustees.

The board will publish a mid-year report on actions on motions in October 2022

Trustee election results

  1. Bola ANIKE 56
  2. Bekah CORK 54
  3. Lucy ARMITAGE 46
  4. Peter ROOKES 45
  5. Sara WHITBY 43
  6. Clive HILTON 37
  7. Anne WHITEHEAD 28

Candidates provided statements in the meeting papers, along with a short video presentation. 


About General Council

Our annual general meeting is commonly referred to as General Council. 

Each Ramblers Area, and each national organisation affiliated to us, is entitled to appoint members of General Council.  Whilst our Groups and individual members are not directly represented, they can influence the policy of the Ramblers via their Area's Council members. Trustees, our president, vice presidents and members of the Motions Review Committee are also members of General Council.

General Council elects the board of trustees which runs the organisation on behalf of members and for the public benefit. Council considers the annual report and accounts and provides guidance on policy by debating policy motions. It also approves changes to our constitution.

Ramblers is a company limited by guarantee, and General Council is the body of people who are defined as company members for Companies Act and other legal purposes.  Members of General Council are entitled to attend the annual general meeting, but remain company members at other times.