Why RSSC needs you

Every year, we hold elections for the Ramblers Scotland Strategic Committee (RSSC) to guide the work of Ramblers Scotland. 

If you are passionate about the outdoors and have ideas about how we can get more people walking in Scotland, we’d love you to stand for election. 

Those who have given their time to this work have found it to be an exciting and rewarding role.

RSSC considers matters with staff relating to the Ramblers in Scotland, except those matters reserved to the GB Board of Trustees who have ultimate responsibility for the organisation. 

“Before being asked if I would be interested in joining the Committee, I'll admit I didn't really know what they did. A quick bit of research and the prospect of learning more about how the Ramblers operates, as well as being able to query/input on decisions, certainly appealed. Since joining, it has been great learning from the others, discussing ideas and topics with people passionate about the outdoors and the Ramblers cause and I look forward to hopefully making a meaningful contribution in the years ahead.” David Webb, RSSC member

Matters covered by the RSSC include:

  • Monitoring the performance of Ramblers Scotland – including members, volunteers and staff – so that we meet our charitable aims
  • Stepping back from day-to-day operations to take a strategic view on critical issues. For example, you will take decisions relating to our mission, objectives, resources and long-term financial security
  • Anticipating and planning for the future, including determining policy and strategy
  • Balancing the different interests of stakeholders –including the public, members, volunteers, policy makers and funders 
  • Recruiting and inducting new members of RSSC to meet present and future requirements of Ramblers Scotland
  • Ensuring we are legally responsible
  • Having a commitment to promoting equality and diversity 
  • Adding value to Ramblers Scotland through your insight, wisdom and judgement 
  • Enjoying the process of guiding a Scotland-wide campaigning charity of 6,500 members 

An effective RSSC member will: 

  • Be able to meet the time commitment required of the role
  • Have skills and experiences to make a positive contribution
  • Understand the political and social context of our work
  • Be a team player, willing to work with colleagues and take the occasional difficult decision
  • Believe in the work of Ramblers Scotland
  • Be focused on aiming high and delivering
  • Be respectful of other’s opinions, even when they differ from their own

The committee is keen to hear from members with knowledge of constitutional issues affecting charities, legal background, knowledge of countryside access issues and public health improvement issues. We particularly welcome applications from those who have lived experience of inclusion and diversity issues and how we can become more welcoming to everyone.

We have formal quarterly meetings throughout the year as well as informal meetings in the months when there is no formal meeting. Informal meetings are currently held via video conference. In future, some formal meetings in person may resume. These are generally held in central belt locations including Edinburgh, Stirling and Perth.

"Scottish Council was formed in 1985 and I was elected to the Executive Committee not long after that and have never looked back. It has been so interesting  being involved at a time of change when national parks were formed in Scotland and the Land Reform (Scotland) Act became established. I have gained a huge wealth of experience and been able to represent the organisation both here and abroad at European Ramblers Association meetings and events. Finding myself working, and then volunteering in the voluntary sector, has given me an understanding of the vital role that volunteers play in organisations. I have also learned so much about landscape, trees, plants from others that it has only enhanced my love of the countryside and this, along with getting out to enjoy the company of other walkers, and visiting interesting places along the way." Alison Mitchell, convener, RSSC