Our finances

How we raise our funds

Our largest source of income is from membership subscriptions. Members support the charity financially by paying a subscription fee and they receive certain benefits in return.

We are also supported by players of The People’s Postcode Lottery and a minimum of 32% of all funds raised from the draws promoted for the Ramblers supports our vital work.

Grants are another important source of income for us, which enable us to deliver specific projects to promote the benefits of walking to selected audience groups.

We raise additional funds through appeals, raffles and donations. Our members in particular contribute generously to this extra income.

We claim Gift Aid from the Government on voluntary income received – we’re able to claim an extra 25% at no cost to individual donors.

We also receive some legacies which are hugely important in maximising our charitable impact over the longer term. Other funding sources are:

How we spend our funds

Most of our expenditure relates directly to delivering our charitable aims at a local and national level. This includes:

  • our campaigning work - for example our work to secure a continuous coastal path around England
  • protecting the places where people walk - which includes challenging footpath blockages and carrying out path clearance work
  • promoting walking - including the health, environmental and social benefits of walking

We also spend money delivering various grant-funded projects which relate to promoting walking to new audiences.

As for all charities, a proportion of our income needs to be spent on generating funds (for example marketing costs), governance (such as holding our annual general meeting) and support costs (which include ICT). We endeavour to keep all these costs to a minimum.

Full details of our finances can be found in our latest Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending 30 September 2020.

How we are run

Find out about the structure of the charity including our annual General Council.