Public Health Responsibility Deal

As Britain’s leading walking charity, with a commitment to promoting walking for health and social welfare, the Ramblers is an active partner in the Department of Health’s Public Health Responsibility Deal and a member of the Responsibility Deal Physical Activity Network.

The Responsibility Deal brings together government, businesses, charities and voluntary organisations to help tackle key public health challenges. Too many of us are eating too much, drinking too much and not doing enough physical activity. Creating the right environment can empower and support people to make informed, balanced choices that will help them lead healthier lives.

Organisations signing up to the Responsibility Deal commit to taking action voluntarily to improve public health through their community and commercial activities and their responsibilities as employers. Responsibility Deal partners make generic collective pledges but can also make their own individual or joint pledges.

The Ramblers has signed up to the collective pledges to:

  • use our local presence to get more children and adults more active, more often including engaging communities in planning and delivery.
  • contribute to the communication and promotion of the Chief Medical Officers’ revised physical activity guidelines.
  • promote and support more active travel.
  • increase physical activity in the workplace.
  • tackle the barriers to participation in physical activity faced by some of the most inactive groups in society.
  • include a section on the health and wellbeing of employees within annual reports and/or website.

We have also made an individual pledge to:

  • encourage adults, children and families to walk as part of their daily routine by promoting and providing access to online tools, educational material, motivational resources and organised walking activities.

With Macmillan Cancer Support, we have made an individual pledge to:

  • work together to significantly increase the numbers of people who are active through the Walking for Health programme. We will work with Local Authorities, the NHS and others to grow the number of local schemes and walks and increase the numbers of walkers, with a particular focus on the least active and people living with and beyond cancer.

Currently there are nearly 200 Responsibility Deal partners.