People with heart disease

If you have heart problems, have been diagnosed with heart disease or are recovering from a heart attack, walking is a gentle way to start getting active. It can also reduce the risk of developing heart disease, so if you've been told you need to look after your heart then walking can help you make a positive change.

It’s important to check with your doctor before you start walking, but once you get going you can build up your walks gradually as your heart health improves. And you’re not on your own – there are health walk groups around the UK you can join to give you a safe and supportive environment to help you find your feet.

If you live in England Walking for health, which we run with Macmillan Cancer Support, has a large network of local health walk schemes to help you get walking. There are also Let’s Walk Cymru walking projects across Wales and in Scotland Paths for All can help you find a health walk group near you. Our local walking groups have plenty of short easy walks on offer too.

For more information about walking and your heart the British Heart Foundation has a free online magazine, HeartMatters, with information on keeping your heart healthy after a heart attack and living with a heart condition including tips on ways to get active.