Walking after a hip replacement operation

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy walking after a hip operation, provided you build up gradually and follow your doctor’s advice about returning to exercise. Keeping physically active before your operation will also help aid your recovery.

You’ll need to take extra care in the 12 weeks after you operation and avoid bending over, such as to tie shoe laces, which could cause your new hip to be dislocated. Ask someone to tie your laces for you if you’re not able to.

Start with easy walks along flat routes, avoiding slopes which might encourage your body to lean forward. You should also choose routes with good path surfaces so that you’re less likely to come across any hazards that might cause you to trip.

Some hip replacement patients find walking poles helpful when walking after an operation. Make sure they have a good grip and are the correct length for your height so you can maintain good posture [link]. Outdoor retailers will be able to give you advice on suitable models.

Our volunteers have developed hundreds of shorter, easier walking routes across Britain including easy access routes designed for those with reduced mobility. The routes are free to download from our online library, all you need to do it register online to get access to walks to help you on your road to recovery.

As you recover strength and flexibility you can start to build up to your previous level of walking, progressing onto more challenging walks as you feel able. Our routes library has hundreds of leisurely and moderate walking routes and a range of distance to choose from.

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