Our fundraisers

Questions about our telephone fundraisers

Why do you use telephone fundraisers?

We do this to welcome and thank our members and supporters, as well as to keep them updated about our work and the ways they can help further.

A group of people seated on a grass slopeCalls are either carried out by Ramblers staff, or through an agency called Stratcom based in Brighton, and employed to work on our behalf. We expect the highest standards from our fundraisers and provide them with bespoke training. We also monitor our campaigns closely to ensure that our representatives adhere to the Code of Fundraising practice.

How do I know if a call is genuine?

It’s also easy to know if you’re speaking to a genuine telephone fundraiser: at the start of the conversation, they’ll say their name. They’ll also tell you they’re calling on behalf of the Ramblers and that they work for Stratcom. They will be able to tell you some details about yourself that they would not know if they were not working for us.

They will call you from this number: 020 3151 2436. 

If you have any concerns and want to check the legitimacy of the caller, please call our membership services team on 020 3961 3232 or email membership@ramblers.zendesk.com. They’ll be happy to check whether you were called by someone working on our behalf.