Membership FAQs

We've collected together some answers to questions frequently asked by Ramblers members.

If you've got a question and it isn't answered here, please contact us.

As a member of one group, can I join walks with other groups near me and further afield?

Yes – when you join, you become a member of the whole charity, not just a specific local group. In the first instance, you'll be allocated to a group based on your postcode (unless you choose otherwise). While you’re free to walk with every Ramblers group, you’ll only receive regular walks programmes from your elected group.

I want to change my group, how do I go about doing this?

There are two ways to change your group. You can register online and login to change your group (as well as your personal details, address, email address and mailing preferences) by updating your profile.

If you prefer you can contact the membership team who’ll be able to allocate you to your new chosen group.

We’ll let both the old and new groups know and we can print you a new membership card if you’d like one. When you change groups our group mailing lists are updated so that you’ll receive a walks programme from your new group.

What length and pace are the walks run by local groups?

We encourage our local groups to offer a range of walks, featuring different lengths and types of terrains, in their walking programmes. We also have specialist groups designed for those looking for shorter walks, and also groups targeted at specific age groups.

I haven’t received the most up to date walks programme from my group. How do I get hold of one?

Use our walks finder to see details of walks by all groups. You can use the filters on the right to filter by area and group. You can also switch the tabs to view 'Group walks' in a list instead of on a map.

What is the Ramblers policy concerning dogs on walks?

We encourage all our groups to allow dogs on walks, as we recognise that many people enjoy walking with their four-legged friends. Some walks won't be suitable for dogs (for example when the route crosses numerous stiles, difficult terrain or areas where livestock – particularly lambs and calves – are present). The ultimate decision on whether to permit dogs lies with the individual group or walk leader. If you do take a dog, please keep it under close control, especially on farmland, and on a short lead near livestock. 

Please note that including the wording ‘no dogs’ on walks programmes breaches the Equality Act (2010), which covers indirect disability discrimination. This occurs when a policy or practice disadvantages people with a disability. A rule stating ‘no dogs’ would particularly disadvantage users of assistance dogs. As such, an organisation is required to make reasonable adjustment to such rules to ensure that no disadvantage occurs. We therefore advise that if Groups, Areas or Walk Leaders do not wish members to bring dogs on their walks, they must state 'Assistance Dogs Only'. 

I’ve lost my membership card. What should I do?

Your membership card helps show volunteers like our walk leaders that you're a member, and the membership number and discount code are useful when claiming your discount at Cotswold Outdoor stores.

If you need a replacement please contact the membership team.

Who do I tell about changes to my membership or details – my local group or the membership team?

Please tell our membership team of any changes that need to be made. Our membership team keep all membership records up to date and will also let your local group know of any changes.

To speed up the process there's no harm in telling both the membership team and your local group of any changes. To tell us of a change please contact the membership team. If you’re registered on the website you can also update your profile online.

I’m currently an individual member but want to change to a joint membership. How can I do this?

If you’re an individual member and you'd like to add a new member on to your subscription (i.e. upgrading to joint membership) then we ask for a ‘top-up donation’ to cover the difference in membership subscriptions.

This may be as simple as renewing, at the joint membership rate, at the end of your individual subscription, but if you’re changing to joint membership mid-subscription we’ll look at how many months are left on your membership and give you an invoice for the top-up fee.

If you’re two individual members wishing to become joint members, we’ll look at both of your memberships to find out how long your subscriptions have left to run.

You’ll need to let us know the address you'd both like to be listed at and the local group you’d both like to join, as well as who’ll be the fee payer. From here we can take payment for a joint membership – the best time to do this is often at the end of your current subscription.

In both cases we’ll print off new membership cards for you both to reflect the fact you’re now listed as joint members.

What if I have joint membership and want to become an individual member?

If you’d like to remove a joint member from your membership, you just need to let us know the membership number that should be resigned. We'll then let you know the individual membership renewal rate when you're due to renew.

If it's the fee payer that's resigning, and a Direct Debit needs to be transferred, we’ll always contact you first.

What is the benefit of life membership?

Life membership gives you all the benefits of annual membership, but for life, and one upfront payment takes away the hassle of renewing your membership each year.

Life membership will save you money in the long run and at the same time helps us plan for the future by committing funds to help us meet our charitable aims.

If you (and your joint member if applicable) are over 60 we'll further discount life membership to make it even better value for money. To find out the cost of being a life member please look at our Become a member page.

I want to set up a Direct Debit to pay for my membership. How can I do this?

Setting up a Direct Debit helps reduce our administration costs. You can join or renew your membership by Direct Debit online. If you’d find it easier you can print a Direct Debit form and post it to us. If you already have a Direct Debit in place, or would prefer to talk to someone first, then please call us on 020 3961 3232. We’ll be happy to help and provide you with a Direct Debit Guarantee.

If you’re changing account details and want to let us know, please get in touch no sooner than six months before your membership is due to be renewed because a new Direct Debit must be claimed within six months from the date it is set up.

Am I eligible for the concessionary rate?

Our concessionary rates aren't age-related - they’re based on your ability to pay. If you’re solely reliant on the state pension, are a full-time student, or receive means-tested benefits then you’ll qualify for our reduced-rate concessionary membership subscription.

Can I buy membership as a gift?

It’s possible to buy Ramblers membership for someone other than yourself. Many people do this for a friend or family member who loves walking and is celebrating a particular occasion (e.g. birthday, Christmas or retirement).

You can buy a gift membership online and choose who the gift pack is delivered to, and add a personal message to be included. 

I would like to join a group walk but need a carer/guide to accompany me. What's your policy on this?

If you need a carer/guide to accompany you on a group walk, they can attend free of charge. You can also let our Supporter Care team know if you have a regular guide/carer attending walks with you. They can then set up a special free membership for them. We will need your name and membership number, and the carer/guides name, address, email address and preferred group (if they have one). We will then send out a new member pack for them so they can attend group walks with you.

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