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As a supporter of the Ramblers, you can be a champion of walking. Together, we’ve already achieved so much: the creation of National Parks and long-distance footpaths such as the Pennine Way; open access to over a million hectares of English and Welsh countryside and mountains; unhindered access to open countryside in Scotland and the creation of the England and Wales Coast Paths. Let’s see what else we can achieve!

Don't Lose Your Way

We've searched all of England and Wales and found over 49,000 miles of paths that could be lost forever, unless we come together to save them.

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Wellbeing walks

Access to nature for everyone, everywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important walking is to our health and happiness, and how we need to urgently address gaps in access to green space.

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Scottish local elections 2022

Ramblers Scotland groups and members can influence how your local council works over the next five years by telling candidates what is important in your local area.

Family Walking Trails

Welsh local elections 2022

Ahead of the local elections on 5th May 2022, we’re calling on councils and councillors across Wales to make it easier for everyone to enjoy a walk in nature.

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By making a donation you can help us continue to campaign on behalf of walkers.

Map of path successes

See what paths our volunteers have successfully unblocked, created and saved.