Agriculture in Scotland

Agriculture is a devolved issue in Scotland. The Scottish Government has the powers to create its own rural development programme within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy. Historically the Scottish Government has recognised the importance of investing in public access through its agricultural programme, with specific schemes available for land managers to apply for funding to cover aspects of infrastructure, such as new paths, bridges, benches and signposting. It’s not clear yet how this policy area will be affected in Scotland following Brexit.

Ramblers Scotland is continuing to play a role in the future of Scotland’s rural development programme by:

  • working with other environmental organisations to draw up our own vision for a fundamentally different rural land-use policy – one dependent on delivering public goods, including outdoor recreation infrastructure.
  • working to improve and expand Scotland’s path networks as part of our Out There campaign.

Whilst it remains unclear how the Westminster Agriculture Bill will be received and acted on in Scotland, we are encouraging people in Scotland to instead support our Out There campaign, which aims to help more people to enjoy Scotland’s world-class landscapes and access rights. We’re doing this by working to get more paths on the ground, get more paths on maps and to break down barriers to the outdoors.

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