Where do London Mayoral candidates stand on walking in nature?

Greenways London Ramblers Map

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how important access to green space is. But we know that only 44% of people in London live near a park or green space. The London Mayoral elections are our chance to change this. We’ve been calling on candidates in the elections to support the six new green walking routes across the capital.  Ahead of polling day, find out what they said: 

There are twenty people running for London Mayor. Outlined below are the responses from the main candidates. Presented in alphabetical order, find out what they said: 

Shaun Bailey (Conservative Party)

In an email to us:

“Both preserving current walking routes and creating new ones are high on our list of priorities for the future. In our manifesto, we commit to doubling the number of walking routes throughout London provided by the Walk London Network. We have already been researching new locations for the expansion of walking routes that aim to connect natural spaces such as parks and other green spaces.   We highly appreciate you sending the map, and will look into building these routes into our current plans for walking network expansion.”

Sian Berry (Green Party)

In an email to one of our supporters:

“I completely share your views about the importance of walking in London, particularly when this connects us to nature. Since being elected to the London Assembly…I have worked to improve London's policies for walking, and we meet regularly with the Ramblers on these issues. Access to public space, and the protection of rights of way and green spaces have been part of my work influencing the new London Plan.

We published our manifesto last week with a range of policies to support all the points in the Ramblers manifesto, and we have written to them to endorse their ideas.  We have pledged to improve walking, and access to public spaces within and around London, linking up existing public Rights of Way, creating new footpaths, and promoting walks via public transport through Transport for London.”

Sadiq Khan (Labour Party)

From his manifesto:

“Walking with a friend or taking the kids out for some fresh air has sustained so many Londoners during the pandemic. We have learned the value of our wonderful parks and green spaces, and I want to develop a new plan for connecting these areas with local communities, making sure these green routes are accessible for everyone. This will include improving existing walking routes, such as the London Loop and Capital Ring. City Hall will also back exciting new schemes like the Camden High Line and the Peckham Coal Line.”

Luisa Porritt (Liberal Democrats)

In an email to us:

“Luisa and the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidates are very happy to sign up to your manifesto. Re-wilding London is a key priority for our campaign as we will only tackle the climate crisis with improved green walking options for Londoners.”


Let the candidates know you support new green walking routes

There is still time to let the candidates know that you support six new green walking routes across our capital. Write to them today!

The elections take place on Thursday May 6th. Polls are open between 7am-10pm, and you can find your nearest polling station through the Electoral Commission.

If you've heard from any of the other candidates about their views on new green walking routes then let us know at campaigns@ramblers.org.uk