Three women in head scarves, walking beside a canal. Text: Walking Neighbourhoods

Too often our towns and cities have been designed around cars whilst our green spaces have been neglected or squeezed out altogether.

We want to change that. We want neighbourhoods that put people walking first and allow everyone easy access to quality green spaces within a short walk of their front door. 

Neighbourhoods that are green and inviting to walk promote good physical and mental health and wellbeing. They help combat poor air quality and encourage people to get outside and be active.

That's why we’re campaigning to improve neighbourhoods across Great Britain for people walking. Falkirk has been crowned the winner this year – find out more about our ten finalists which all showcase some of the best of everyday walking and can inspire local authorities and community groups with best practice examples of how to put people walking first.

Britain's Best Walking Neighbourhood Award

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award

The winner of this year’s award is Falkirk! Falkirk and our other nine finalists showcase urban areas across England, Scotland and Wales where positive steps have been taken to improve everyday access to green spaces and create more walking friendly neighbourhoods.

Ramblers' Walking Neighbourhood Champions

Ramblers’ Walking Neighbourhood Champions

Have you made your urban neighbourhood more walkable, welcoming and green? Become one of the Ramblers’ Walking Neighbourhood Champions.

Our Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods

Our Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods

Do you want your local neighbourhood to be a better place to walk? Ask your councillor to sign up to our Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods today.

Walking my eccentric version of the city

"Gradually my routes spread further and further and I started to wonder how many streets I had walked and if it was possible to walk every street in London." Jack's quest to walk every road in London.