The seaside resort of Brighton on the south coast has long been a popular place to live, work and visit. Bursting with things to see and do, all in easy walking distance of the train station, Brighton is a great city to explore on foot. Walkers can take in the seafront, Palace Pier and eminently strollable promenade, or get lost in the Lanes with its maze of pedestrian-friendly shopping streets, stopping for a rest in the gardens surrounding the iconic Brighton Pavilion. Much has been done in recent years to make Brighton even more attractive and welcoming to walkers, with the local council investing in a unique wayfinding system for the city, which includes on-street markers and a downloadable app complete with walking routes.

What is so special about Brighton? 

Brighton was shortlisted because of its great access to green space and the seafront, and specifically the strong community engagement in making its streets lively and full of events / art / things to see and places to go. Brighton is an attractive place, and the local authority’s interventions to reduce/calm traffic and prioritise pedestrians are a great advantage.

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