The university city of Cambridge, with its extensive network of meadows, commons, parks and riverside walkways leading right into the heart of the city, is amazingly green. Add to this the attractive historic colleges and the River Cam, which flows through the city, and there’s plenty of sights to explore and enjoy on foot. In fact, with many of the bridges over the Cam restricted to pedestrians and cyclists, and traffic restrictions and closures in operation throughout the city centre, there are parts of the city which can only be enjoyed on foot. 

What is so special about Cambridge? 

Cambridge was shortlisted because of its great access to green spaces, including well-designed (“friendly”) benches. The fact that the local authority builds on their community’s involvement, and the 20 mile per hour speed limits as well as strong restrictions to driving in the city centre make it a great place to be a pedestrian. The use of development agreements (section 106) to fund walking and cycling infrastructure was also highlighted as an example to follow.

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