Milton Keynes 

A ‘new town’ designed and developed in the 1960’s, Milton Keynes is renowned for its grid system of roundabouts. This belies a very well-connected walking network which allows residents to travel between local housing, services and shops on foot. The central shopping area boasts shopping malls, a theatre, gallery and winter sports arena, and can be reached by walking along the Grand Union Canal and through Campbell Park, one of Europe’s finest contemporary parks. Indeed, the Grand Union Canal weaves its way from the top to the bottom of the city, providing scenic footpaths along its stretch and connecting each area it passes through to the next.

What is so special about Milton Keynes? 

Milton Keynes was nominated because of its fantastic variety of green spaces, ever improving standard of green infrastructure and commitment to connecting housing with local amenities. The local authority has invested in safety for pedestrians, street trees, and LED lighting.

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