The Deepings 

The Deepings is a market town with well-maintained conservation areas, good parks, delightful river frontage and many attractive historic buildings, some of which date back to the 17th century. A small town, just less than a mile long and 2.5miles wide, all facilities are within easy walking distance for the majority of residents. With a great selection of independent cafes, pubs and restaurants in the town centre and scattered throughout the neighbourhood and nearby villages, walkers are encouraged and rewarded with great local food and drink. The Deepings is full of attractive features, old and new, both in the built and natural environment, in a blend of styles that give the whole neighbourhood a distinctive and attractive character that motivates residents and visitors to choose walking as a positive option for access and recreation.

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What is so special about The Deepings? 

The Deepings was nominated in part because the Market Deeping Town and Deeping St. James Parish Councils have formally adopted the ‘Deepings Green Walk standard’ for all new developments in that, new footpaths are required to be ‘safe, accessible, attractive, and rationally linked to existing routes’. They also plan to create The Deepings Green Walk – a 15km circuit which aims to join up local facilities, housing and green spaces. It Is a key part of the Neighbourhood Plan and all development is expected to support this.

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