Walking Neighbourhood Champions

A group of people gathered outside a library 

Could you be one of the Ramblers’ Walking Neighbourhood Champions?

We would like to recognise the brilliant people and groups in communities across Britain who have been instrumental in making their urban neighbourhood more walkable, welcoming and green. We would like to share your stories on our social media platforms, on our website and as part of our campaign to improve walking neighbourhoods across the country. 

By sharing what you’re up to, we hope to inspire more people to act and showcase how we can all work together to make our urban neighbourhoods as walking friendly as possible, benefiting our health and wellbeing and bringing local residents together.



Whether you’re lobbying a local councillor about improving parks in the area or ran a campaign to encourage more people to walk everyday or lead a scheme to plant more trees in nearby streets, we want to hear about what you’re doing! Our criteria to be featured as a Champion includes:

  • Leading local urban walks
  • Regularly volunteering
  • Campaigning  
  • Running a project to improve urban walking infrastructure
  • Acting as a spokesperson
  • Bringing local people together
  • Sharing best practice
  • Opening new routes or places to walk
  • Lobbying your council
  • Organising local events 
  • Something else! 

Just fill in our Champion form and media consent form and share what you’re up to so we can consider you to become a Walking Neighbourhood Champion: