How to make sure fundraising is legal

Two walkers with walking poles on a mountain.  

Make sure your fundraising stays legal, so you can raise as many donations as possible for the Ramblers and together we can help in the fight for walkers’ rights, protecting our green spaces and ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.

Street collection guidelines and regulations

Collections can be a fun way to raise donations and awareness for us, but first consider these useful guidelines:

  • For collecting on the street, you will need a licence from your local authority.
  • For collecting outside a supermarket store, you will need permission from the manager.
  • For collecting on private property you will need permission from the land owner.
  • Choose a popular location or a busy time to do your collection.
  • Give yourself time to secure a suitable date, especially if there is a high demand from other fundraisers.
  • Get other volunteers to help.
  • Only closed collection tins may be used so please ensure these are sealed at all times with the sticker we provide.

Once you have permission for your collection or to display a collection tin, email stating where and when it will take place, and we will send you a collection tin.

Letter of Authority

When we send you a collection tin, we will also provide you with a letter of authority showing that we are aware of, and support, your fundraising. This letter does not constitute official permission for any fundraising activities and you must obtain any permits/licences from relevant authorities.

Returning your collection tin

When you have finished collecting, or if you no longer wish to collect for the Ramblers, please return the tin to:

1 Clink Street
3rd Floor

Raffle guidelines

Holding a raffle is a great way to increase donations from your event. 

Small Raffles

If you hold a small raffle on the day of your event you do not have to get a special licence as long as:

  • Any prizes purchased are worth a total of no more than £250. Donated prizes can be of unlimited value.
  • All tickets are sold on the same day as the raffle is drawn.
  • Tickets are sold for the same price and there are no discounts.
  • Prizes that involve alcohol are only included if the event is being held on licenced premises.
  • All tickets are sold on the same premises and on the same day as the raffle is drawn.

For more information please read the Institute of Fundraising Guidelines.

Larger raffles

If you are doing something more than the above please do contact the Ramblers Fundraising team because your activity could be illegal and also have an impact on Ramblers GB’s Lottery licence:

Under 18s – legal guidelines

If you are under 18 and holding a fundraising event, there are certain things that you will need help with. You should always ask an adult to help you with your fundraising to make sure you are safe.

There are some things that you cannot do if you do not have an adult to help you. These things are:

  • Street collection
  • Raffles
  • An event involving alcohol

Need more help?


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