Christmas Appeal

A group of older people walking in a park

Please help everyone take steps towards health and happiness this Christmas 

Walking in nature is proven to be so essential for our wellbeing that many GPs are prescribing it. And yet, time and time again, many of us are unable to access the green spaces that nourish us. That’s why I’m asking you to give a special festive gift so we can open up the outdoors for everyone everywhere. Would you consider contributing £10 or however much you are able to give? Your gift could change everything for someone like Stephanie.

Stephanie turned to walking when she was desperately lonely.

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year but Stephanie knows it can also be very lonely. She lost her husband some years ago and has struggled ever since. It was heart-breaking to hear how lost and alone she felt and how she’d got so low that reactive depression set in. When the pandemic came, Stephanie knew she was facing a bleak, isolated lockdown. She also knew she had to find something to help her through.

I’m so pleased to tell you that thing was the Ramblers. As soon as she joined, Stephanie felt part of her local group. Step by step, walk by walk, Stephanie saw her life change in the most amazing way. No-one can tell you what walking in nature did for Stephanie better than Stephanie herself, so I’ve asked her to share a little letter with you. I’m sure it will touch you just as it did me.

Stephanie's letter

Download and read Stephanie's letter (PDF, 485KB)

You may be surprised to know that the money raised from membership only covers 27% of the work that we do and we urgently need to make up the shortfall. 

Your donation of £10 could help to fund a project like Ramblers Wellbeing Walks for those who’ve done little or no exercise before or Ramblers Paths to Wellbeing which gives communities the tools and training to maintain pathways. It could also help us recruit and train volunteers to run local Ramblers groups which are lifelines to people like Stephanie, grow the green, nature-rich routes in our cities and campaign to keep our countryside open and accessible. 

Please give your festive gift now. 


Justine Black
Head of Fundraising
The Ramblers

Portrait of Stephanie
Stephanie's quote from letter