Volunteer Appeal

Help our volunteers protect the places we love to walk

The Big Pathwatch, the Ramblers’ most comprehensive survey ever of our paths, has already identified over 14,000 problems, with more than a third of these stopping people in their tracks.

From overgrown vegetation to missing signs, paths being blocked completely or in some cases disappearing entirely - our volunteers are needed more than ever to put this right. But they need your support.

Volunteers have always been at the heart of the Ramblers. They run path maintenance teams, champion walkers’ rights, and help thousands of people enjoy getting out and walking to help improve their health and wellbeing. They also help walkers connect with their community and with the Great British countryside. But they need your help.

Please give a gift of £25 today to help equip and train a volunteer.

Meet June

June Mabon is one of our busiest volunteers. June started volunteering as a footpath secretary in Trafford in 1995, and has been maintaining paths ever since.  Watch the video below to see June and her team in action.