Join a group

Group on a hill 

All of our groups exist to help people get out and about and enjoy the benefits of walking. There are over 500 local Ramblers groups around Britain – most likely there’ll be one right next to where you live. 

Going along on a few walks is the ideal way to get to know your local group. If you’re ready to start walking now why not find a walk or search for your local group.

There’s a group for everyone

Most often our groups cover a geographical area such as a town or local district, but we also have groups who focus on shorter, easier walks or family-friendly walks, as well as groups designed for walkers in their 20s-30s or 40s.

You can join any group you want. And just because you’re a member of one group doesn’t mean you can’t walk with any other group, any time you want.

Fun and sociable

Joining a group is great for your social life. By doing an activity you all enjoy you’re likely to meet people who you’ll get on well with and be able to have a laugh with - and you could end up making long-lasting friendships.

Although walking is inherently safe, in the very unlikely event of an accident when walking it’s good to be in a group with someone who knows first aid and has navigation skills.

More than just walking

Our groups do much more than just walk in some of Britain best loved places. Many of our volunteers also take practical action to protect and expand those places for the benefit of everyone.

Our dedicated volunteers undertake everything from local campaigning, to repairing and maintaining paths, to working with local authorities to keep paths open for the public to enjoy.

Get in touch with your local group to see how you can get involved.