Graham Fitch

Graham Fitch
It is a good feeling to know that I am helping to protect the wonderful legacy of our footpath network for future generations.

Footpath Secretary | Caernarfon/Dwyfor Ramblers

Part of the great heritage of North Wales lies in its magnificent network of footpaths. The original highways of our communities, if you had a footpath you were connected to your church, school, workplace, family and friends. Others were once corridors for transporting materials from quarries and produce from the land.

As a Footpath Secretary for the Caernarfon/Dwyfor Ramblers I am one of many Ramblers volunteers in North Wales working to keep our wonderful legacy of public rights of way open as well as develop them, making long distance paths (such as the North Wales Pilgrim's Way and the Wales Coast Path) for people to enjoy.

Caernarfon/Dwyfor Ramblers and members of other Ramblers groups in Gwynedd also survey a random selection of footpaths every year and report the findings to Gwynedd Council. The Caernarfon/Dwyfor Ramblers volunteers work regularly to maintain paths, clearing vegetation and installing 'footpath furniture' such as gates. We’ve surveyed 1094 paths in the last 10 years and are making improvements everywhere.

Graham Fitch
Footpath Secretary, Caernarfon/Dwyfor Ramblers

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