Ian Dickin

Ian Dickin
Walking’s been very good to me. It’s given me the greatest memories, kept me fit and made me many friends. Volunteering as a photographer, and getting involved in other ways such as adding routes to the Ramblers Routes database, means I can give something worthwhile back.


I’d be wrong to say I’m volunteering for purely philanthropic reasons. I decided to take up photography seriously about two years ago, and started a course in the subject. Undertaking assignments for the Ramblers, like any professional task, requires discipline and preparation for the results to be up to scratch, and there’s much to learn from each task.

Equally, when a photo gets used, I get a great sense of pride and achievement, my walks have more of a sense of purpose and I take far more notice of the colour, beauty and detail in my surrounding environment. Put simply - I get more out of walking.

When you see the enthusiasm and hard work that Ramblers staff and volunteers dedicate to add to the walking experience for everyone that enjoys the countryside, it makes you go that bit further to deliver a good result. Moreover, should photography ever get boring, there are a hundred other ways to volunteer and take it from me, it’s far more satisfying than the day job!

Ian Dickin, Photographer

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