Keith Edwards

Keith Edwards
I am a very active member of Tiger Bay 20s-30s+ group in Cardiff. Having previously been Socials Secretary, I am now Chair of the group and I have found a great bunch of friends. I’m proud to be part of one of the most flourishing groups in Wales. We’re striving to encourage new members and keep doing what we do so well.

Chair | Tiger Bay Ramblers

I joined the Ramblers around 2007 after a chance meeting with some members of the Brunel group at a speed dating event. Before that I had enjoyed walking on my own in the area where I had been living in the Wye Valley but had never thought of joining a walking group.

I had always imagined hiking as a test of endurance for the seriously fit and Ramblers as older people. It was a pleasant surprise to find a 20s and 30s group offering a range of walks of different levels and to meet people I found I had a lot in common with.

When I moved to Cardiff and wanted to meet new friends in the city, one of the first things I looked for was a Ramblers group. Tiger Bay Ramblers are a great bunch, being both a solid network of friends and welcoming of newbies at the same time. I liken them to the type of friends I had at sixth form and university. There’s nothing quite like it.

I now go walking with the Tiger Bay Ramblers most Sundays, have gone on weekends away and regularly attend some of the many socials. I had never led a walk before joining the group, believing I wasn’t sufficiently qualified. The group has been hugely supportive and I now lead four or five walks a year.

I joined the committee in 2010 as Socials Secretary. In this role I established regular monthly pub nights and organised the Christmas parties, along with a range of different events including such things such as skittles, cycling and karaoke.

Last year I was asked to step up to be Chair of the group. I was apprehensive at first, expecting it to be a big commitment and wondering how I could fit it in around my work. The other committee members are very helpful though and we are a great team.

I feel privileged to be trusted by the group and have enjoyed developing our strategy going forward. We have worked hard to encourage walk leaders and can now boast a full walks programme with a choice of walks many weekends. The current challenge is to ensure the group remains attractive to new and younger members while retaining our well-established membership.

Keith Edwards
Chair, Tiger Bay Ramblers

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