Peter Carr

Peter Carr
I volunteer for the Ramblers to do my bit to help walkers in Shropshire get the paths they deserve.

Campaign volunteer | Shropshire Ramblers

I’ve been involved with the Ramblers for over 20 years and a keen walker for far longer. Over the years, it is clear that paths in Shropshire have not been as good as other parts of the country because they’ve not been properly funded.

I’m very proud of the fact that in the past decade, thanks to the Ramblers campaigns, steady progress has been made in getting Shropshire’s paths up to a reasonable level of usability. But, we’ve found out that in the past three years the council has continued to chip away at the budget for footpaths (cutting it by 42%), which I fear could undo all the good work we’ve put in.

I enjoy working with the Area to stop further cuts and am creating a campaigns plan ahead of the local elections. My highlight was demanding a public apology from a councilor who was lying about the extent of the cuts!

Peter Carr
Campaign volunteer and Chair, Shropshire Ramblers

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