Will Renwick

Will Renwick
We have beautiful countryside in Wales that is incredible for walking, so I've been out and about with the Ramblers, talking to local groups and trying to encourage them to get walking and out enjoying our landscape as much as they can.

Champion for Young Walkers | Ramblers Cymru

In the summer of 2103 I became the youngest person to walk around the entire perimeter of Wales, beginning and ending at my front door. I undertook this challenge for a bit of an adventure and also as an opportunity to explore my country.

While I was going I tried to be as active on social media as possible, with the aim of demonstrating what is on our doorstep and how easy it is to just get out exploring. Since finishing my loop around Wales I have been helping Ramblers Cymru in their efforts to engage with young people sharing my walking stories with local groups and helping with their new Wales Pedometer Challenge and Scramblers initiative.

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