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Whilst rambling in Southern England is not an inherently dangerous activity, participants should be aware of, and take personal responsibility for, any hazards that may be encountered such as wet and slippery areas, stiles, barbed wire, other obstacles and farm animals with young. Participants must ensure that they are dressed and shod appropriately for the prevailing/predicted conditions and should be aware that the leader may decline to allow them to join the party should it be deemed that they are not appropriately equipped. Start points for walks are given as grid references. Advice on grid references and suitable walking equipment may be obtained from any of the committee and also from knowledgeable other ramblers. It is suggested that participants carry some refreshments especially on longer walks when lunch should be carried.

It is rare that walks are cancelled, but in case of doubt, or for advice about a walk, the leader should be contacted on the telephone number given. Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Dogs must be kept on a lead and it is suggested that the walk leader is contacted to determine the suitability of a walk for bringing dogs.