North Bedfordshire


Group name: North Bedfordshire

This group is a part of Bedfordshire Area.

07780 933 729
Our activities include:
Path maintenance


Please make sure that you are fit to undertake the walks. Always wear suitable footwear and clothing.  We always have a break so please take refreshments.  Our walks are generally circular walks between 5 –12 miles, if distance is known it is shown in the programme.  Please check your emails for regular updates, contact leader if in doubt. The group voted at our AGM and the committee has agreed that, because of problems in the past, dogs are not allowed on our walks. 

See our Training Courses for this year!

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 Summer Walks; June-Sept 2022 V2

We do hope you like it and will enjoy walking with a very friendly group. So why not join us on Facebook

Covid Guidelines for Leaders

Covid Guidelines for Walkers  

Ramblers Coronavirus Advice 

Meeting Times

Please note North Beds Group starting times are 10.00 am for longer walks; 13.00pm in the Winter (after clocks go back), and 13.30pm from the beginning of March to the end of October. Some walks in London or elsewhere may have a special starting time, these will be on the programme but if in doubt ask the leader.


Holidays. ‘The Walking Partnership’ supported by Ramblers Walking Holidays. Each time a walker makes a booking with Ramblers Walking Holidays, Adagio or Rambler Cruise and Walk, the group get a donation. UK short holiday - £10 per person; Short Haul holiday - £20 pp or Long Haul holiday - £30 pp as they say every little helps!

Ripple dates

(Restoring & Improving Public Paths for Local Enjoyment)

For those who Ripple.  If you have given your email address to Barry Ingram, he will send out Ripple dates as they arise.  If you would like to volunteer for the Ripple activities please contact  Barry for more details. 01234 353 704 or