Coastal Paths

All Wales Coast Path and Ceredigion Coast Path

The Ceredigion Coast Path was opened in 2008 to provide a spectacular 60-mile route from Cardigan in the south of the county to Ynyslas in the north, passing directly through Aberystwyth. In 2012 the new 870-mile All Wales Coast Path came into being, and this incorporated nearly all of the Ceredigion Coast Path (though there are two significant differences – see below). There are many new sections of path, and some diversions on older sections, so watch out for signposts and waymarks.


  • In the south, the All Wales Coast Path starts right on the county boundary (where the Pembrokeshire Path finishes). It reaches Cardigan after about four miles, and this is where the Ceredigion Coast Path starts. From Cardigan onwards the two paths coincide for 60 miles till they reach Borth towards the north of the county. At this point, the Ceredigion Coast Path sticks to the coast for another couple of miles, ending when it reaches the major obstacle of the estuary of Afon Dyfi at the popular holiday centre at Ynyslas. The All Wales Path diverges inland from Borth in order to cross the Dyfi at Machynlleth (the location of the first bridge).
  • It is possible to walk the whole of the path in linear segments by using public transport.  At the north end, there are regular and reasonably frequent bus & train services between Borth and Aberystwyth, and between Aberystwyth and Aberaeron & New Quay, with access to the coast at numerous points on these routes.  Towards the south, there is a “sherpa” bus (the Cardi Bach) between Cei Bach (just north of New Quay) and Cardigan calling at all the main beaches.  (
  • The route of the Ceredigion Coast Path is fully described, with much additional background information in the official guide – Gerald Morgan’s Ceredigion Coast Path/ Llwybr Arfordir Ceredigion. 
  • Maps for the entire route of the All Wales Coast Path are available on the NRW website Wales Coast Path. Go towards the bottom of the page to find the list of maps.