Dumfries & District

Group name: Dumfries & District

This group is a part of Clydesdale to Solway Area.

01387 252926

The Dumfries & District Group organises walks to suit most tastes throughout the region and beyond.  We offer our members about 90 walks a year.

The core programme consists of day walks every fortnight on both Saturday and Sunday: usually an easy, low-level walk and a more strenuous one, and ranging from 6 to 12 miles in length. Between May and July we provide a shorter evening walk on alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.

In addition to the core programme there is a Half Day walk and an Adventure walk every month. Half Day walks are generally in the morning and are 4 to 6 miles in length and usually at a leisurely pace. Adventure walks are more challenging as they may be in an area new to the walk leader; the route in consequence may change on the day.

Please note that If you intend joining a walk at its start point you should advise the leader in advance - start points can change or there may be special parking arrangements.