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Last Hampshire Area AGM: 22nd Feb 2022

Next Hampshire Area AGM  Spring 2023

Last Winchester Ramblers AGM November 2021

Dear members,
The Winchester Ramblers  2020 AGM report follows:

Due to Covid-19 members were notified that the 2020 Winchester Ramblers AGM was to be held as a virtual “paper” one on Friday December 11th.
Nominations for the committee and any proposals or matters for consideration were asked for in advance in accordance with the regulations.

The following members have been elected unanimously by the membership to the Winchester Ramblers committee for 2020-2021.

Chairman - vacancy
Group secretary - Heather McGinn
Minutes secretary - Liz Wood
Treasurer- Andrew McGinn
Footpaths - Alan Marlow
Walking Environment - Richard Eves
Publicity - vacancy 
General member - John Foey
General member - Phill Waterton
General member - Charles Baker
General member/Area rep - Mike Moore
General member  - Jim Morgan

As there was no nomination for Chair, the committee will continue to operate with a rotating Chair.
The Annual accounts for 2019/20 were audited and submitted to the membership before the "paper" meeting. A couple of questions were received and dealt with. They have also been submitted to Area.

No formal matters were raised for debate by the committee by November 27th.
However any questions or issues put forward by members at any time are always welcomed and are discussed by the committee and a response given as soon as possible.
The following Vote of thanks was received.

“On behalf of the membership, Clive Thompsett wishes to express thanks to the committee for their very effective and dedicated management of Winchester Ramblers. As a past committee member (but only for four years), I know the demands on the committee’s time and these strange circumstances, during coronavirus, have certainly added to that workload. Thank you for all that you do.”
Heather McGinn
AGM 2020